Health plan

Freedom and peace of mind at an affordable price

The Prime and Choice Advantage plans offer comprehensive coverage for your health care expenses and, as with the Basic PPO plan, you and 3M share in the cost. What’s different: Your monthly premium is lower, but your annual deductible is higher. And you’ll have a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA) to help you pay for qualified medical expenses. Learn more about how it works.

Plan highlights

  • Low monthly premiums (PDF)
  • Preventive medical care covered at 100 percent in network
  • Medical services, prescription drugs and other services (including vision) covered at 90 percent in-network after the annual deductible has been met (no referrals needed)
  • Certain preventive drugs (PDF) covered at 90 percent before the annual deductible has been met
  • Open access to Blue Cross’ broad national provider network (your benefits are higher in-network)
  • Online tools help you manage your plan and health
  • Health programs and discounts help you stay healthy and save

Annual deductibles, maximums and the HSA contribution

Each year 3M contributes to your HSA up to $600 for individual coverage or $1,200 for family coverage. The 3M contribution can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses incurred during the plan year or saved for the future. The 3M Advantage plans have a combined medical and prescription drug annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, so you don’t need to meet separate limits for each type of expense. The annual deductible involves an initial investment in the cost of your care and the annual out-of-pocket maximum protects your family from catastrophic expenses.

Note: Family deductibles work differently for each plan
  • With the Choice Advantage plan’s family coverage, if one member meets the individual annual deductible amount ($2,600) on his/her own, the plan will begin covering that individual’s care at 90 percent of the allowed amount for in-network services. The remaining family members must then collectively meet the family deductible before everyone’s care is covered at 90 percent. (This is called an “embedded” annual deductible.)
  • With the Prime Advantage plan’s family coverage, either one person or several family members together must meet the family annual deductible amount before any member’s care is covered at 90 percent of the allowed amount for in-network services. (This is a “non-embedded” annual deductible.)

Large provider network

  • You receive a higher level of benefits when you see in-network providers
  • Both plans allow you to see any provider you choose, no referrals needed
  • Compare cost and quality information to help you choose the care and provider that’s right for you when you sign in at

Preventive care

The Prime and Choice Advantage plans make it easy and affordable to stay healthy. That’s because each plan covers preventive care without having to meet the annual deductible. Preventive care, which includes services like yearly checkups, screenings for diabetes, breast cancer, flu shots and other conditions, can help you stay healthy and avoid or delay health problems.


Preventive medical care is covered at 100 percent when services are received from in-network providers and preventive drugs are covered at 90 percent.

See guidelines for preventive medical care (PDF)
See 3M preventive drug list (PDF)

Your health support programs and discounts

3M’s Advantage plans are about more than coverage for medical services. They also include a wide range of programs, services and discounts that can help you get healthier, save you money – or both. They include:

  • 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line – get health advice anytime, day or night
  • Fitness Discounts – save $20/month on health club dues at participating centers when you work out 12 days per month
  • Healthy Start® Prenatal Support – phone support from trained nurses for a healthy pregnancy and delivery (receive a $50 reward card when you complete the program)
  • Stop-Smoking and Tobacco-use Support – assistance to help you quit your way and at your pace with proven support. Over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy (patch, lozenges) is paid for by 3M.
  • Weight Watchers discounts – Blue Cross members receive Weight Watchers discounts
  • Complementary care discounts – save up to 25 percent on selected acupuncture, massage and health products
  • LASIK discounts – discount on laser vision correction surgery
  • Home medical equipment discounts – save up to 10 percent
  • Health support – extra help to help you manage serious medical conditions, illness or injury

Taking advantage of these programs is one way you can save on your health care. See more ways to save.